Our story

A genuine Colombian coffee is born from pure passion for coffee.

And we have this passion, which resulted in the creation of our Café Colombiano brand. A coffee with passion and unspeakable flavor. Simply, a must-taste coffee for you. And you will fall in love. Forever.

Our story became during a trip to Colombia, where we wanted to visit some friends. We got absolutely new perception of this marvelous country. Besides its colorful culture, also its social habits and traditions attracted our attention.

Therefore, in a country belonging among the biggest suppliers of green coffee in the world, it is more than likely you will find coffee at each corner. The share of green coffee on the national market is huge and it is a part of local culture throughout generations. Here, hundreds of families cultivate and roast coffee while using original and time-proven formulations and procedures. We had the luck not only to taste the best coffee in the world, but also to have a glance at its production.

To get you closer to this great world, full of flavors and scents, you should realize that the lives of local people are intertwined with the coffee production. The quality of their lives depends on the plantations fertility and tasks related to the coffee roasting and packaging. The purchase of green grain right in the port and subsequent roasting in the target country is a global trend. This is mainly the procedure of big companies, which are purchasing green coffee directly at small family plantations and are, due to their financial sources, able to deliver such grain to the ports worldwide. All of this affects the local farmers' life quality as they are not able to cover all costs related to the hard work in the plantations while just selling the green grain. 

It was right the understanding of this hard economic situation, which gave us the idea to help the families of the farmers by purchasing their products and to give them the chance for improving their lives.  Lives full of work, but also with well-deserved reward for their effort.  We compromised to create Café Colombiano brand and export and distribute the best and highest-quality coffee directly from Colombia and thus represent the second biggest coffee supplier from South America in European market. 

We are proud to bring you a 100-% organic coffee with typical flavor and aroma of local mountains while supporting the families, which tied their lives with the cultivation of this crop. While growing this coffee, an emphasis is put on the environment protection. Only clean environment may ensure the excellent quality and uniqueness of the coffee trees and their grain. 

Enjoy a cup of real Colombia relaxing at your home and find its original flavor and aroma.

Try our high-quality coffee from Colombia. Order your sample right today.

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