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Apu means the community leader and the ecosystem protection.


APU Café is a coffee named with a word coming from the language of the indigenous people living in the area where the coffee is cultivated. It is produced in accordance with the principles of the original local culture. Apu means a community leader and the environment protector.  This coffee comes from Finca El Carmelo plantation at the town of Teruel in Huila province. It is grown at 1,700 m above the sea level. It is harvested manually in a farm meeting high quality and hygiene standards.  The plantation owners learned the traditional coffee harvesting and processing procedures from their parents and grandparents in accordance with the principles of social and environmental responsibility.


Due to its exceptional quality achieved by the mean of selection of the best, manually harvested grains, this coffee belongs to the Gourmet (specialty grade) category. It is grown in optimum mountain environment with volcanic soil with rich content of organic substances, which provide the coffee with great flavor and aroma. 

Organic Quality

The coffee is 100-% organic, with no use of pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals throughout three generations of the plantation existence. This ensures absolute purity and natural features of the coffee. 

Interesting Facts

The coffee is grown in a national park where any use of non-organic substances is strictly prohibited and regulated by the local administration. 

In general terms, great quantity of water is utilized while growing coffee. This loads heavily the local ecosystem. For production of APU coffee, the water from local mountains is used. After the process is over, the water is recycled and used again so that the natural environment loading is reduced. Local people protect their environment as it gives them their jobs, in which consists their chance for better life.

The grain is harvested and selected manually. Only women carry out this plantation work. The local farmers know well that a woman is much more sensible and capable to select the correct grain. Moreover, women are more friendly with the plants than any man's hand.

APU coffee collaborate with the government programs related to the infrastructure development and education for the countryside. As the plantations are high in the mountains, these government programs serve for building of houses, roads and schools for the families which went there in search of job. By purchasing APU coffee, we support the families living and working in the plantations for several generations.


Species: 100% Arabica
Flavor and aroma: sweet and caramel
Acidity: mild
Residual taste: sweet
Body: strong
Dosage: for the best flavor, from 7 to 10 grams per cup is recommendable
Roasting: dark roast and medium dark roast
Packages: 250 g and 1,000 g
Form: grains or ground

The coffee comes from Finca El Carmelo plantation near the town of Teruel in Huila province.

The coffee is grown at 1,700 m above the sea level.

The coffee is harvested manually.

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